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Life for me, still not overflow up a ripple. Go to work, work, work overtime, occasionally visiting a few Also can bring beautiful youth dedicated to cheap sunglasses drama, and they see touching screen, deep feeling arrive will slide some tears meaning, to say to entered support. Haphazardly will also have to go out for a walk however the city seems to have no place to Versus Sunglasses discount go. After all is already familiar with everything around: gray day, occasionally vacate some pieces of clear sky. everywhere is adorned with “tender” wall. Roadside, set is pulled propaganda banners trunks. Hence, occasionally in the morning, when will find a twenty-four hours of McDonald’s. Finally, with a cup of tea, and Vivienne Westwood Sunglasses discount sent the strong sleepless night.
Wench telephone within, tells the continuation of the dream is still young. It is a kind of late teens not quit the naive and betrayal. She said wanted to go to a person to go to Tibet, had better be way through the setbacks, and ashes. I was laughing advised her Vogue Sunglasses discount best a white horse, a monkey, and don’t forget a pig. Write back memoirs, can named “journey to the west”.
The swallow slogan is still “strive, competition almighty”. As the saying goes: “cunning is no burden”, the almighty nothing bad. is for many years has been in this direction development well. Just who also didn’t expect “overall development, resulting in Von Zipper Sunglasses discount overall mediocrity”. Relative they just, I thought perhaps appear very little mediocre, but should not flashy.
Someday we will more mature, will marry for others,
Calculative, can be in days, is precipitating their reflections on life.
One day, we will be more Vuarnet Sunglasses discount steady, will grandchildren,
Will face old, will in expression, radiates to life comprehend.
So, do a warm woman, the mouth cape wrinkles called smile. I am a like lively and group of people, to the future hopes and confidence, full of love and passion for life, for decades, I for all these the Web Sunglasses discount breath of struggle.
However, star-crossed lovers, a disaster destroyed my dream and destroyed my hope. Although in life, but the years of painstaking solitary purport business all exist, a few years to fight auburn, my life change as a result, acquaintances from me, phase knower Wiley X Sunglasses discount away from the sufferer, then I alone, displaced kids, roaming about, find spiritual homeland and interior harbor. For several years, loneliness and I cherish, forlorn and keep me company, I became a Wolf, from the north to run in the boundless wilderness, loneliness as the defining not elephant poisonous snakes devoured my soul. I felt helpless and disappointed, vexed and despair, I’ve been to produce break the world of mortals windblown end the rest of the idea. In those days, I frantically reading, killing all the YSL Sunglasses discount time and effort to read, in order to forget all adversities and unpleasant, hemp tired spirit loss and mental wounds. I read a lot of this book on Buddhism, a colleague see me with Buddha gave me a lot of Buddhism and CD material trumpeting many times, and advised me to convert to Buddha. Reading makes me and masters talks to them talk heart of depression and spirit of the lonely, seek the truth of life and Zero Rh Sunglasses discount a reason for living. Buddha dharma: without beg inaction, calm at ease. Zen four fathers word letter told me that the world all things are inseparable from the heart, all trouble was without ever, all causal, but a man of phantom. Nobody bundle of you, so also needn’t ask what liberation, the nature of man, originally be empty, so also don’t bother to find the so-called consciousness. Don’t thinking, not operation, not pursuing don’t hate, don’t think good, also do not think of sunglasses evil, let your heart be silenced, then live lie do magical function, happy to sit are secure, and that is a Buddha. Buddha is a kind of intelligence, exists in man’s nature, a read clean, you is Buddha.

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