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When you wake up in the morning

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In the end, he’d recommended she replace just about everything, and then dropped off an esti¬mate and a list of references. Though Adrienne knew her sons had meant well, she told them that they’d be better off saving the sun glasses money for something they needed for their own families. Besides, she liked the old kitchen as it was. Updating it would change its character, and she liked the memories forged here. It was here, after all, that they’d spent most of their time together as a family, both before and after Jack had moved out. The kids had done their homework at the table where she now sat; for years, the only phone in the cheap sunglasses house hung on the wall, and she could still remember those times when she’d seen the cord wedged between the back door and the frame as one of the kids tried his or her best for a bit of privacy by standing on the porch.
On the shelf supports in the pantry were the penciled markings that showed how fast and tall the children had grown over the Bikkembergs Sunglasses years, and she couldn’t imagine wanting to get rid of that for something new and improved, no matter how fancy it was. Unlike the living room, where the television contin¬ually blared, or the bedrooms where everyone retreated to be alone, this was the one place everyone had come to talk and to listen, to learn and to teach, to laugh and to cry. This was the place where their home was Bluebay Sunglasses what it was sup¬posed to be; this was the place where Adrienne had always felt most content.
And this was the place where Amanda would learn who her mother really was. Adrienne drank the last of her wine and pushed the glass aside. The rain had stopped now, but the drops remaining on the window seemed to bend the Bolle Kids Sunglasses light in such a way as to make the world outside into something different, a place she couldn’t quite recognize. This didn’t surprise her; as she’d grown older, she’d found that as her thoughts drifted to the past, everything around her always seemed to change. Tonight, as she told her story, she felt as if the in¬tervening years had been reversed, and though it was a ridiculous notion, she Bolle Sunglasses wondered if her daughter had no¬ticed a newfound youthfulness about her.
No, she decided, she almost certainly hadn’t, but that was a product of Amanda’s age. Amanda could no more conceive of being sixty than Boss by Hugo Boss Sunglasses she could of being a man, and Adrienne sometimes wondered when Amanda would real¬ize that for the most part, people weren’t all that different. Young and old, male or female, pretty much everyone she knew wanted the same things: They wanted to feel peace in their Boucheron Sunglasses hearts, they wanted a life without turmoil, and they wanted to be happy. The difference, Adrienne thought, was that most young people seemed to think that those things lay somewhere in the future, while most older peo¬ple believed that they lay in the past.
It was true for her as well, at least partly, but as wonder¬ful as the Brooks Brothers Sunglasses past had been, she refused to allow herself to re¬main lost in it the way many of her friends had. The past wasn’t merely a garden of roses and sunshine; the past held its share of heartbreak as well. She had felt that way about Jack’s effects on her life when she’d first arrived at the Brooksfield Sunglasses Inn, and she felt that way about Paul Flanner now. Tonight, she would cry, but as she’d promised herself every day since he’d left Rodent, she would go on sunglasses.

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