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This passage is a famous section of readers sunglasses

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This passage is a famous section of readers, with very appropriate in this story.
His two people fall in love with her after a few years to cheap sunglasses get married, start a good relationship between two people, a people and live in Harmony, but this is a typical men outside, women inside the family, a married, men have to step down units in the work of a woman and Tom Ford Sunglasses told her to do chores at home single-mindedly, under his repeated assurances, that will certainly make a lot of money, we will support this, she was a soft heart to agreed to resign. Sometime later, she gave birth to two sons, her hard working for Tommy Hilfiger Sunglasses this family, no chores, no matter how tired, tired to say, how can I say? Why did he could not earn a penny it? Men earn more money is more, apparently, the distance between two people is also growing, while men are not doing a little housework. After the second son was born to one year old, she went to the outside to buy food when the Tory Burch Sunglasses total number of people say she can hear how, how her husband said, and finally, a close friend boudoir tips, she said her husband wanted her to look tight, and said that he and a woman outside food and drink out to the movies eating out shopping and she did not believe, but also can not believe, thought that he wholeheartedly do housework to make such a big sacrifice, he will become the heart at any rate he would not know it? So, she actually reminded her friends of this acrimony, countered that his friend was jealous of her and feeling good, until she saw her husband once in the street Valentino Sunglasses and close to kissing a woman, her mental meltdown Later, her husband returned home to smell the aroma of his body Yi people, who is also refreshed look, she angrily asked the woman how geological back to things he actually said he fell in love with the woman, saying the woman is very money, but that unit where colleagues can help their cause, he wants to bag the sunglasses woman when the mistress, but do not want a divorce, if you agree not to divorce, he took his two sons, and gave a month amount of money to her to take her life, and wants the woman to live together. He also said that if she have to divorce, we should throw her two sons, so she did not better than, children living there Versus Sunglasses all her life, regardless of cost him, and she was very angry, and thought, and think really beautiful, thought about the lives of two wives Kazuo no door, though she said he promised to do household chores when the family of women, but how can we be looking out his reasons for having an affair? How can this be his own reasons for bullying?
She was a heartless, and he insisted that divorce no longer willing to wronged themselves, and she used to be for him Vivienne Westwood Sunglasses and two sons live, and this time he’s completely shameless wake her, wants to be independent, while for two sons independent, for their own and independent, so she gave her own money out before, rented a nearby house and two sons live together, then, to the insurance company get an unsecured loan, borrowed a sum of money, first of all rented a facade to the Vogue Sunglasses business, himself and two sons all living in the cost of doing business into money, though hard to make money, but she was grinding his teeth stuck with it, some men are expert repair water thing she think of ways to learn, this thing she also independently, because her husband abandoned her so she can not easily believe that the man, and she Dandies and as a mother to maintain a family of three in all, and later, in her careful management under the Von Zipper Sunglasses business getting better and better, pay off the loan within the stipulated time and interest, two sons and her life become better, and after a while, she opened a supermarket, make a few people to run their own open supermarket, because he abandoned her family by a woman against becoming to strong woman.
So, she hates him and grateful, hate her cruel destruction of a home; grateful to him for abandoning yourself to become a strong woman. Since then sun glasses her life had become both full and meaningful.

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