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So I have this heart preparation Sunglasses

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But somebody else lend zip bicycle is daddy’s face, I’m not in his presence careless carelessness, so sun glasses and his old man’s house, when they parted repeatedly said that after you use must Wan Bi Gut Zhao. In the morning I got up very early, because haven’t ride a bike, so alone in the playground riding up, I think this Vuarnet Sunglasses play is also a kind of exercise, feel very interesting.
Not long ago, the students gathered, the more they ride bike than one beautiful, I to oneself of the car took a look, feel too fall, and that their hair from the new car, compared to a shame. I can not ride a bicycle interest, we were forced to put the Web Sunglasses car pushed aside, look at those students in the playground, said a joke, breaks down onto the vehicle share of the proud look, feel very defy spirit. Fast before departure Jiang Yap Fang and all Limuli two riding a beautiful car came to the Wiley X Sunglasses school variable, they watch I ride a bus formulaic broken car, busy Xi Pi Xiao Lain walked to come over.
I see them like that, you know that no good thing, not allowed to embarrassing me, even want to show their cars have much good, good again let me before the machine doesn’t go down.
So I have this heart preparation, don’t go to reason them and slipped to the crowd, and squeezed, I think, so, they will finish rolling, sunglasses or let my ears quiet some. But the two did not good to depend on, I see the avoiding, the farther around me bad, like bad I say two words, their heart is extremely negative.
Therell lose I day and night but person this two people worry dead, like my belly inside what attracted their Zero Rh Sunglasses thing, must catch me eat two not, I was so mad low head looked at foot, eyes son stilly. The two girls had completely not consider my feelings and gloat of smile, return in mouth xi ha of ridicule incessantly, for a while to get on the car, while riding two times, before me a cracking laps. Then Jiang Yap Fang run into my eyes, smiling, I understood at Adidas Sunglasses sale a glance, because she smiles are not funny, that kind of smile is begged look me in the car but out of, you want her to with kindness?
My hand to his bicycle inside pulled, I know this kind of action is absurd, even if I put the car with clothes to cover, also can cover the YSL Sunglasses fart big place, may let the cars in their face? But I don’t do so again how? They both usually thought to seek a topic to find, now look at me that way, is a dog’s mouth vomit ivory? This good chance they will miss. I looking at Alain Mikli Sunglasses sale them two that satisfied before me was dangling about appearance, keep thinking in the heart, if present their bicycle suddenly drop in wheel that what will be like?
I think they rode off the bicycle wheels, and lie on the ground that comical manner, the in the mind a lot better, nor so angry, because I always think, they Alexander McQueen Sunglasses sale so must lyres, god will give them the chance. It is do not lie prone the ground, if car on the road, hum, want to let me help fix, door all have no, I then joy still too late! Also it is tube their dead or alive.
I now be them laugh this embarrassing appearance, also can cheap sunglasses use this method comfort yourself, otherwise, see them that funny appearance.

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